A simplified elliptical function solution for coupled nonlinear vibration of multilayer graphene sheets
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PSG College of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Coimbatore, India
Submission date: 2021-06-17
Final revision date: 2021-08-28
Acceptance date: 2021-09-08
Online publication date: 2021-11-02
Publication date: 2022-01-20
Corresponding author
G. Venkatraman   

Department of Civil Engineering, PSG College of Technology, 641004, Coimbatore, India
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2022;60(1):3-16
This paper presents a simple exact solution for coupled nonlinear free vibration analysis of Multilayer Graphene Sheets (MLGS) using elliptical functions. Though elliptical functions are used in nonlinear dynamics, they are employed to find the exact solution of a coupled system for the first time. The nonlinear dynamic equation including geometric nonlinearity and Eringen nonlocal theory is uncoupled by elliptical functions, and exact solutions for simply supported boundary conditions are obtained. The results are compared with the harmonic balance method. The nonlinear frequency of MLGS is studied for its effects with a small scale parameter, and the linear and nonlinear van der Waals force.
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