Advisory Board
Michał Kleiber (Poland) - Chairman
Jorge A.C. Ambrosió (Portugal),
Angel Baltov (Bulgaria),
Romesh C. Batra (USA),
Alain Combescure (France),
Jüri Engelbrecht (Estonia),
Witold Gutkowski (Poland),
Józef Kubik (Poland),
Zenon Mróz (Poland),
Ryszard Parkitny (Poland),
Ekkehard Ramm (Germany),
Meir Shillor (USA)
Eugeniusz Świtoński (Poland),
Hisaaki Tobushi (Japan),
Andrzej Tylikowski (Poland),
Dieter Weichert (Germany),
Jose E. Wesfreid (France),
Józef Wojnarowski (Poland),
Joseph Zarka (France),
Vladimir Zeman (Czech Republic)
  • Starting from January 1, 2020, the Publisher of Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics introduces a fee for published articles.
  • This applies only to papers submitted after this date and accepted by the Editorial Board for publication.
  • A payment of 500 EUR will be a condition for commencing the editorial procedure for upcoming articles.