Magneto-elastic combined multidimensional resonance of a rotating circular plate in a double-direction magnetic field
Zhe Li 1,2
Yu Da Hu 1,2
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School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao
Hebei Key Laboratory of Mechanical Reliability for Heavy Equipments and Large Structures, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao
Submission date: 2019-01-16
Acceptance date: 2019-05-06
Online publication date: 2019-10-15
Publication date: 2019-10-15
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2019;57(4):883-895
Magneto-elastic nonlinear non-axisymmetric resonance is investigated for a rotating annular plate in a double-direction magnetic field. According to transverse and longitudinal magnetoelastic non-axisymmetric vibration equations of the thin annular plate, and considering the influence of the static load term, non-axisymmetric vibration differential equations by combined parametric and forced excitations are obtained through application of the Galerkin method. Then, the method of multiple scales is applied to solve differential vibration equations. By numerical computations, the influence of magnetic induction intensity, inner and outer diameters, excitation and radial forces on transverse and longitudinal resonance characteristics are analyzed.
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