Design of H∞ proportional-integral thrust controller for ramjet engine
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University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Serbia
Must Solutions, Belgrade, Serbia
Submission date: 2019-11-20
Final revision date: 2020-02-08
Acceptance date: 2020-03-25
Online publication date: 2020-10-15
Publication date: 2020-10-15
Corresponding author
Nemanja Dušan Zorić   

Mechanics, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Kraljice Marije 16, 11120, Belgrade, Serbia
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2020;58(4):997-1007
This paper presents the design of a thrust controller for a ramjet engine. The mathematical model for controller synthesis is based on a numerical solution of a set of nonlinear equations. Transfer functions of the engine are found for certain operation points defined by the altitude, Mach number and angle of attack. Local controllers are developed by using H∞ control methodology, finally reduced to proportional-integral (PI) controllers. For gain scheduling, linear interpolation of parameters of the local PI controllers is used. Next, simulations are performed in order to show performances of the presented control algorithm.
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