Three-dimensional thermal buckling analysis of functionally graded cylindrical panels using differential quadrature method (DQM)
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Babol University of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Babol
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2016;54(1):135-147
Thermal buckling analysis of functionally graded cylindrical panels subjected to various conditions is discussed in this paper. Buckling governing equations are solved using the differential quadrature method. It is assumed that the mechanical properties of the panel are graded through thickness according to a power function of the thickness variable. The panel is assumed to be under the action of three types of thermal loading including uniform temperature rise and variable temperature rise in the axial and radial direction. In the present study, the effects of power law index, panel angle, different thermal load conditions and geometric parameters on the buckling behavior of functionally graded curved panels are studied. The results obtained through the present method are compared to the finite element solutions and the reported results in the literature. A desirable compatibility is concluded.
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