The method of estimating lifetimes of aircraft devices operating under ageing-attributable wearing conditions
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Military University of Technology, Warsaw
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2015;53(4):981-990
The paper presents a probabilistic method of assessing lifetimes of selected structural components or assemblies of devices/systems affected by destructive processes that occur during aircraft operation. Reliability status of the device is evaluated by means of diagnostic or operational parameters. It is assumed that these devices (systems, assemblies) operate reliably if effects of wear and tear processes described by diagnostic parameters do not exceed boundary conditions/regimes. From the mathematical aspect, the method has been based on difference equations from which, when rearranged, a partial differential equation of the Fokker-Planck type is derived. A density function of the component wearing is a particular solution to this equation. With the density function of the component wearing applied, after suitable rearrangements, one can determine a density function of time for the exceeding the boundary condition. Now, with the density function of time of reaching the boundary condition found, and after rearrangement of this function, one receives dependences that can be applied to determine lifetime of the device given consideration. An example at the end of the paper illustrates how this method can be applied to analyse an airborne sighting system.
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