Mechanical properties and advanced subjects in shape memory alloys and polymers
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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aichi Institute of Technology, Toyota
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
Submission date: 2017-11-27
Acceptance date: 2018-02-06
Online publication date: 2018-04-15
Publication date: 2018-04-15
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2018;56(2):447-456
Advanced subjects in mechanical properties of shape memory alloys and polymers are di- scussed. In the subloop loading under a stress-controlled condition of the shape memory alloy, the transformation-induced stress relaxation appears due to variation in temperature. The enhancement of corrosion and corrosion fatigue life of the shape memory alloy is discus- sed. The development of a functionally-graded shape memory alloy and polymer is expected to obtain better performance. Three-way motion appears in the shape memory composite with the shape memory alloy and polymer.
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