Love waves in fiber-reinforced layer imperfectly bonded to microstructural couple stress substrate
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Lovely Professional University, Department of Mathematics, Phagwara, Punjab, India
Submission date: 2018-12-19
Acceptance date: 2019-09-24
Online publication date: 2020-01-15
Publication date: 2020-01-15
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2020;58(1):221-232
Interior of the Earth is quite complex and it shows many heterogeneities in the form of microstructures. It is difficult to model the Earth in mathematical formulation of a problem, yet it is always desirable that the proposed model should be the nearest approximation of the Earth. In this paper, Love waves are investigated, using a new geometrical configuration which consists of a finite thicker fiber-reinforced layer lying over a couple stress half-space having internal microstructures. The two media are assumed to be imperfectly bonded to each other at the interface. Dispersion and damping equations are derived for the propagation of Love waves in the considered model. The impact of various parameters like imperfectness at the interfacial surface, thickness of the layer, characteristic length parameter of the halfspace, direction of reinforcement are studied on the phase and damping velocities of Love waves.
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