Influence of uncertainty in aerodynamic performance on the dynamic response of a two stage gear system
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Laboratory of Mechanics, Modelling and Mansufacturing (LA2MP), National School of Engineers of Sfax, Sfax
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2016;54(2):601–612
In this paper, the nonlinear dynamic response in a wind turbine system is considered and the quantification of uncertainty effects on the variability of this nonlinear response is investigated. Under dynamic conditions, a lumped model with 12 degrees of freedom is proposed taking into account the uncertainty associated to the power coefficient of the input aerodynamic torque. The dynamic response of the two-stage spur gear system is obtained using ODE45 solver of Matlab. The Polynomial Chaos (PC) method is used to introduce the uncertainties on the proposed model. A comparison between the two dynamic responses given by the proposed lumped dynamic model takes into account the uncertainty. It is performed on the existed model without uncertainty. Thus, the efficiency and robustness of the proposed new methodology is evaluated.