Euler-Lagrange equations and Noether’s theorem of multi-scale mechano-electrophysiological coupling model of neuron membrane dynamics
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School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Jinan, Jinan, Shangdong, P.R. China
Submission date: 2022-08-24
Final revision date: 2022-11-30
Acceptance date: 2023-09-04
Online publication date: 2023-10-29
Publication date: 2023-10-30
Corresponding author
Peng Wang   

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Jinan, 250022, China
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2023;61(4):847-856
Noether’s theorem is applied into a multi-scale mechno-electrophysiological coupling model of neuron membrane dynamics. The Euler-Lagrange equations in generalized coordinates of this model are deduced by the nonconservative Hamilton principle. The Noether symmetry criterion and conserved quantities based on the Lie point transformation group are given. The influence of external non-potential forces and material parameters on the forms of Noether conserved quantities is detailed discussed, which indicates that the conserved quantities are very depending on the loading rate and mechanical parameters of the membrane.
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