Elastic buckling of a rectangular sandwich plate with an individual functionally graded core
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Łukasiewicz Research Network – Poznan Institute of Technology, Poznan, Poland
Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Mathematics, Poznan, Poland
Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Poznan, Poland
Submission date: 2023-09-15
Final revision date: 2023-11-13
Acceptance date: 2024-11-22
Online publication date: 2024-01-31
Publication date: 2024-01-31
Corresponding author
Krzysztof Sowiński   

Institute of Applied Mechanics, Poznan University of Technology, Jana Pawła II 24, 60-965, Poznan, Poland
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2024;62(1):171-185
This paper is devoted to a thin-walled sandwich plate with an individual functionally graded core. The nonlinear shear deformation theory of a straight normal line is applied. A system of three differential equations of equilibrium of this plate is obtained, based on the principle of stationary potential energy, which is reduced to two differential equations and solved analytically. The critical load of the rectangular sandwich plate is determined. A detailed analytical study is carried out for selected exemplary plates. Moreover, a numerical FEM model of this plate is developed. The results of these calculations are compared with each other.
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