Vibro-acoustic analysis of laminated double glazing using the force identification method
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of Engineers of Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2014;52(4):895–904
This paper presents a procedure for identifying wave forms and excitation frequencies of some forces applied on a given complex fluid-structure coupled system by using only its vibro-acoustic response. The considered concept is called the Independent Component Analysis (ICA) which is based on the Blind Source Separation (BSS). In this work, the ICA method is exploited in order to determine the excitation force applied to a thin-film laminated double glazing system enclosing a thin fluid cavity and limited by an elastic joint. The dynamic response of the studied fluid-structure coupled system is determined by finite element discretization and minimization of the homogenized energy functional of the coupled problem. This response will serve as the input for the ICA algorithm in order to extract the applied excitation.