On free vibrations of thin functionally graded plate bands resting on an elastic foundation
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Lodz University of Technology, Department of Structural Mechanics, Łódź
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2015;53(3):629-642
In this note free vibrations of plate bands with functionally graded properties, resting on an elastic foundation, are investigated. On the micro-level, these plate bands have a tolerance-periodic structure. It can be shown that in dynamic problems of those objects, the effect of the microstructure size plays a role. This effect can be described in the framework of the tolerance model, which is presented here for these bands. Obtained results are evaluated introducing the asymptotic model. Both fundamental and higher free vibration frequencies of these plate bands are calculated using the Ritz method. The effects of differences of material plate properties in the cell on the microlevel and of the foundation are shown.
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